The “The European LeviathanMedical Anthropology” seminar series has been held since the establishment of the unit.

Seminar №15

Seminar №14

Seminar № 13

The Reproductive Policies

Medicine and Healthcare in the USSR

The “Modernisation” of the Menstruating Female Body during the Period of State Socialism

The Scarred Bodies (and Fates)

European Researchers` Night 2

European Researchers` Night 1

Far from the People`s Eyes

Seminar № 6

Dr Vladimir Kalaydzhiev or the Embodiment of Modernity?

Seminar № 5

Ageing, Mental Health, and Self-Evaluation

Seminar № 4

Medical Intelligence and the Cold War

Seminar № 3

Leviathan’s Kindest Face: The Caring Party-State and Its Privileged Clients

Seminar № 2 

Children with Disabilities in the Socialist Society: Scholar Discourses and Institutional Care

Seminar № 1

Medical Anthropology – Thematic Fields, Approaches, Trends Seminar Series